Kings Of The Wind

Reiki Usui

  • The cost of a single session – 30 euro
  • Sessions involving the transference of energy. The duration of the session is Approx 60 minutes
  • Indications: pain, mental and emotional problems, help you fight stress easily and is a great way to calm yourself
  • Energy transfer is possible at a distance-to be able to participate in you should open up mentaly,calm down and relax.

Ear Candling
  • The cost of a single session – 23 euro
  • The duration of the session is about 60 minutes
  • Indications: removing exess of wax from the ears; hearing impairment; hearing loss; tinnitus; sinusitis; idiopathic headache; migraine; therapy is very helpfull in regulating and improving the circulation of vital energy
  • This is the method of the Hopi Indians.

Ear coning
  • The cost of a single session – 33 euro
  • In addition of all benefits of candling, this therapy reaches all central parts of the body (chakra). This is a broad spectrum treatment of physical and mental
  • This is the  method of the Hopi Indians.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques - Gary Craig
  • The cost of a single session – 20 euro
  • Indications: heal-all, physical disorder ( pain, ailemnts, obesity, allergy) and mental disorder (anger, addictions, depression, anxiety, phobia). Help to resolve sexual problems.
  • It is also extremely helpful in solving the problems of sexual life or career.

Sound therapies

  • The cost of a single session of 30 euros, duration 45 min.
  • Baths and sound therapies are an effective way to treat many physical and mental ailments. Purify your mind of negative thoughts and the body of the tensions, blocks and illness.
  • They are used to enhance self-development, spiritual development and personal.
Massage Chinese bulbs .

Massage relaxes calms , it is perfect for those who areinterested, tired , sedentary and after strenuous fizycznym. Massage Chinese bubble tones and smoothes the skin , breaks down fat cells and increases blood circulation and eliminates the orange peel . Cost is 30euro a single session , the duration of massage 60 min .

Relaxation massage balls Qi gong .
Energy harmonizes the body, improves the condition of the muscles, enlivens the mind and body. It strengthens the immunity of a man who is on the massage less exposed to a variety of chronic diseases. Thanks to that massage is maintained not only the body but the mind in good condition. The cost of a single massage 30euro , duration 60 min .

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